Luke Kyriazis

Hey, I'm Luke I'm from New Jersey, STRAIGHT, SINGLE and i take pictures and videos of action sports! For my work go to the portfolio tab!

Anonymous said: your hot hmu

For sure tweet at me 

Anonymous said: what drugs have you done

Ketamine Molly Acid coke salvia adderol vyvanse sass bud Research chems, a few more 

Anonymous said: I start rehab tomorrow for the same exact stuff. It's a real bitch.

At least you’re not in the middle of the desert 

Anonymous said: How much longer are you in rehab/ come to boston asap

i am asap! i might go to school in boston! suffolk 

Anonymous said: You talking to anyone ?

Not after a few hours ago 

Anonymous said: Even tho youre sober do you actually want to go back to all the drugs

fuck yea 

Anonymous said: Are you back for good now?


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