Luke Kyriazis

Hey, I'm Luke I'm from New Jersey, STRAIGHT, SINGLE and i take pictures and videos of action sports! For my work go to the portfolio tab!

Anonymous said: you're hella cool

I know I’m hella rad 

Anonymous said: wanna marry me???


Anonymous said: Do you know Harry donnelly


Anonymous said: so the chances of us smoking weed together are v low? :,-(

we can roll face together 

Anonymous said: You weren't at woodward this year :(

I was in rehab yea sorry 

Anonymous said: why do you have to go back if you're sober

My parents payed 100,000 dollars + and committed me to a 9 month contract 

Anonymous said: would you want a girlfriend that would do drugs and shit w you

i want a girlfriend who would chop my cock off if i did anything but molly again 

Anonymous said: when do u go back to rehab?

Tuesday night Till october 9th 

Anonymous said: Do you have a girlfriend


Anonymous said: describe the first time you did molly

i was sitting on a cliff overlooking nyc and listening to bingo players play a 21+show below me and i did molly and ketamine 

Anonymous said: i feel like wed be good friends.... u give no fucks and i love it

I do give fucks i just show that i do in a stranger manner 

Anonymous said: how do you get to travel all these places if you're in rehab

I travel with my parents 

Anonymous said: will u ever get back into blazing

No prob just Molly and Stogies 

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